Merchandising and wristwatches


Merchandising, what is it and why associate wristwatches?

In “Ulysses”, James Joyce writes: “Here is what you see from the good trader. He makes you buy what he wants to sell ”. But with these precautions it will be the customers themselves who want that very product.

Choose your market share, analyze your audience, open a shop, work on an e-commerce ...and then? How to sell?

It is increasingly clear that it is not only a quality product that makes a company successful, but also the way this is presented and the overall concept. The merchandising branch of marketing deals with the "how" to sell, especially from the point of view of physical stores (but also online ones).

The quality of the product to be sold has been established, what are the guidelines to follow to make the its potential? Billions, just one, many: one or all of the suggestions may be valid for each, but certainly one of them is valid in general: contextualize. Create a story in which to insert one or more products, a line that potential customers can follow and through which to create a long-term bond with them.

This concept can apply to both physical and online showcases, creating in the latter a collection that encompasses the products within the same story or message.

Let's give some examples: A brand sells elegant clothing, mainly for men... sure though that a elegant men's outfit is not complete (and therefore would not give a clear message to the potential customer) without some accessories, such as a wristwatch.

And a vintage furniture store, wouldn't a desk sell better by placing a diary, a candle, a inkwell, and perhaps a pocket watch?
Even if these "details" will not be part of the final sale, they will contextualize the real product, bringing it closer to the life of the potential customer.

The same goes online: present your products within a story, whether represented by an image or a short video, it will help the customer to think of the product as "already his", as if it were already part of his daily life. And how could he then not buy it to actually make it his property?

The use of a context is not only useful for pure and simple selling, but also for creating a 360° degree brand awareness: if these details carry the brand logo, they will create an image in the customer's mind that will not stop at the simple product, but will touch various areas of his life, making your company remembered even in the long term.

For this Intermedia Time offers watches that can become an integral part of your merchandising plan, reshaping the style in based on your concept and your history, to optimize the sales of a particular product but above all to insert your brand in the "showcase" of customer memories.


There is no doubt, we remember more easily events experienced with strong emotions, such as that of races racing on 4 or 2 wheels, thrilling curves and overtaking, or the goal in timed out and all this can be anchored to a gesture, an object that will remind us. The strongest testimonial is the one you meet every day on every street corner, at the bar, at work. Symbol of an emotion that binds you to that brand, to that style. We design sports watches with this spirit, for all wrists, so that time sometimes stands still.