Production of Swiss made automatic mechanical watches

The Swiss made private label watch for the company anniversary.

The production of Swiss Made automatic mechanical watches, so much appreciated in the world, represents the pinnacle of manufacturing Switzerland and also in our section of Swiss made watches you will find models, such as the Tirreno and the Geneva, equipped with these movements.

As many know the automatic mechanical movement takes its name from the fact that a mechanism is able to transfer the kinetic energy of the moving arm (arm that wears the watch) to a spring which, when loaded, becomes its "battery".

What perhaps not everyone knows is the enormous effort made by manufacturers to increase the precision of these movements and the study to adapt them to the different types of buyer, i.e. in relation to their lifestyle, sedentary or sporty, an aspect that greatly affects the stress exerted on the mainspring and the autonomy of watches that use these automatic movements.

Since the 1700s, automatic mechanical watches have graced the wrists of men and women around the world, and still today in the digital age this fruit of human ingenuity shows its modernity by renewing itself thanks to a work of excellence in engineering and manufacturing.

A fashion trend that knows no end that of the mechanical watch.
Balance between ancient flavor and precision technology, in the two manual or automatic versions, it has always represented haute horlogerie especially if made with Swiss made movements.
The classic round line, the sober colors, the Italian-made straps characterize a product suitable for representing brands with a refined and sober style, brands of precision products, insurance companies and banks.

Have available Swiss Made automatic mechanical watches to customize with the logo in the various components, for a event or corporate anniversary, will certainly embellish your luxury promotional proposals making them unique.

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